High-End Audio Hub

Known for their audio purity, Naim launches the all-in-one NaimUniti, which offers high performance audio in a single chassis design that includes an integrated amplifier, CD Player, FM tuner, internet radio, iPod dock, digital-to-analog converter, music file player and network audio streaming.

The NaimUniti offers extreme digital versatility, capable of handling a wide range of audio files such as MP3, Windows Media, AAC, Apple Lossless (from an iPod), FLAC and WAV formats.

The integrated amplifier is derived from the Naim 5i and features 50-watts per channel with ten-inputs allowing end-users to hook up multiple digital sources such as media servers, set-top boxes, DVD players/recorders, satellite systems, gaming consoles, and more.

The iPod interface allows the NaimUniti to take control and content is displayed on the front panel. It even charges the iPod battery when connected.

The NaimUniti’s provides a comprehensive user interface that simplifies operation and navigation. For instance, the system finds iRadio stations without prompting, seamlessly connects to networks, automatically discovers shared audio files, and presents everything on its large front panel display.

The all-in-one system is the perfect audio hub and sells for $3,750.00 USD and the n-Link interconnect for Apple iPod costs $150 USD.