Hey, Can You Help Me?

So it's not just me. Seriously, whenever any of my friends need advice on what stereo/MP3 player/home theater speakers/car stereo/bicycle/television they should buy, why am I first on their speed dial? Apparently, the folks at Gizmodo have the same problem.

Seems like anyone with the slightest bit of expertise gets the same questions. I work in a post-production audio/video facility, and even amongst our in-house experts, I'm asked where to place their center channel speaker, and what would I use as an amplifier for their electric guitar.

Now, I love my father immensely, (and Dad, if you're reading this, please understand that I'm just using you to make a point!) but it seems like the only time he calls me is when he wants my opinion on an iPod dock or the latest pair of audiophile headphones. Hmm, now I wonder where I inherited my love of high-end audio gear. Oh, and my brother named his dog, "Gadget." DNA at work.
Wire_dia A friend who knew I was on vacation still called me because she was having trouble installing the speakers in her home theater. So she called me. On my vacation.

So, my question to you is: Does everyone ask your opinion on the latest gadgets?  Or, are you the one asking all the questions. -Leslie Shapiro

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