HDTV owners now in the majority

PanasonicCongratulations, "early adopters" of the last decade. You're now part of the majority! For the first time ever, HDTV owners outnumber non-HDTV owners; according to the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing, 53% of consumers now own HDTVs, a huge jump from the 33% recorded last year.

This is pretty big news, but not exactly unexpected. Good luck finding a standard-def television of a decent size on the market these days. If your screen's bigger than a computer monitor and you're buying it new, it's probably an HDTV. Still, considering that HDTV is one of the big things we do, it's rather notable that HDTV owners are now in the majority in this country.

Will Greenwald

[Source: EngadgetHD]