Harmonious Control

A cost-effective alternative to touch screen controllers are universal remotes. The Harmony Remote 900 by Logitech uses advanced RF technology to operate all your AV devices up to 100 feet away without the need for RF emitters attached to each device. Instead, the Harmony 900 uses a single IR blaster and one or two mini blasters on the cabinet shelves of your entertainment center.

A color touchscreen allows selection of each device and the intuitive button layout provides all the necessary controls for AV Receivers, DVD/Blu-ray Players, TVs, Projectors, cable/satellite set-top boxes and any other IR device.

The Harmony remote creates macros easily through an online interface so all you need to do is select the buttons labeled "Watch TV", "Watch a Movie" or Listen to Music" to fire up all the appropriate gear and select the proper inputs. Forget the coffee table clutter and integrate all your gear into the single, easy to use Harmony 900. For more details about the Harmony 900, which retails for $399, click here