Harman Kardon BDS 5 Blu-ray Receiver Video Test Bench

Video Test Bench

The Harman Kardon passed most of our Digital tests cleanly; only the failure on the motion adaptive HD test (MA HD) is noteworthy. The video clipping was a bit more aggressive than ideal in limiting how far the video output extends above white and below black, but it still goes sufficiently far into those regions to avoid any potential video issues and also to help you properly set your display’s contrast and brightness controls.

The Scaling test is normally performed from a 480p input to a 1080p output (to test for upconversion without deinterlacing). But since there’s no way to set the BDS 5’s internal player to send 480p to its internal processing, and there are no video inputs to feed a 480p signal from another source into the BDS 5, this test is N/A.

Similarly, the lack of any component analog video inputs renders all of our usual analog video tests N/A.—TJN

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