Happy Trails to (and From) Yamaha's Doan Hoff

After 33 years, Doan Hoff, Yamaha's veteran manager of advertising and public relations is retiring today. We wracked our brains trying to come up with something to say that would capture how much we've enjoyed working with Doan (and how much we're going to miss him), but we ended up turning to the man himself. So we leave you with a letter to us from Doan, and wish him the best as he goes on to better things. 


Yes, riding off into the smoggy sunset. It's been a fantastic voyage - wait, we should do a movie - oh, never mind.

Actually, It is like leaving family after so many years, and it's been great to work with Bob Meth, you, and all the generations of S+V.

My life here at Yamaha spanned 33 years, two wives, three kids, and now four grandchildren...sheesh, time to call it a day. Thanks, and best of luck to all of your gang.   

Among the many unique and unforgettable experiences here and in early Japan visits, I remember the first time I heard DSP (Digital Soundfield Processing) at Yamaha Japan along with the technical editors of the "Big Three" audio books, and heard the realism of other listening environments that you could now enjoy at home...that was amazing.  Another would be at CES when I first saw HDTV coupled up with multichannel surround, and remember thinking that it was the greatest thing I had even seen and heard...I thought for certain that movie theaters were going out of business. Thankfully they haven't, but we can bring that experience home now.

And that's all great to have been a part of.

Good luck Mike and all.

- d