Happy birthday, Klipsch

Klipsch turns 65 this year. The venerable US manufacturer (based in Indianapolis since 1989 but still turning out speakers in its Hope, Arkansas plant today) has posted a retrospective video (with some nifty vintage ad images) today tracing the company's evolution from its humble beginnings in ham enthusiast Paul W. Klipsch's need for something better to listen to music with, through the horn-loaded designs in furniture-quality cabinets that made the company's reputation, up to its recent renaissance as a maker of high-quality aftermarket headsets for the smartphone market. There's been some concern among audiophiles for the company's future after it's acquisition by consumer electronics giant Audiovox earlier this year, but the company points out that its home plant is at capacity for the first time in a decade, so the infusion of cash and resources may well end up having been a nice birthday present.

- Michael Berk