Happy "25th Birthday," Phoebe! Now, Come Back!

As I write this, we're in shipping-madness mode here at the S&V offices, trying to get the October print edition out the door - and having just proofed Feedback, Sound & Visionary, an Installation feature, three Test Reports (Rob Sabin just brought me another one!), and the first installment of The Web Zone, I need a break. Just a 5-minute break, dear friendly Editor-In-Chief Mike Mettler, if you're monitoring . . .

And so, having posted the item immediately below on the 25th anniversary of the CD, I just found out that this week - Monday, to be exact - also marked the 25th anniversary of the release of that cinematic epic Fast Times at Ridgemont High. (Yes, someone has given the movie a Web site!) And in honor of that occasion, I present this delightful still of star Phoebe Cates - as, you know, a public service.

By the way, Fast Times is available on HD DVD. Let's get wet!
-Ken Richardson