Haier Smartwatch Doubles as a Micro Projector

Here’s something you don’t see every day: A smartwatch that uses the wearer's hand as a second screen.

Haier’s Asu smartwatch — demonstrated at the recent Mobile World Congress 2018 tech expo in Barcelona, Spain — has a built-in micro projector that beams tiny images onto the back of the wearer’s hand.

The watch, which is quite bulky, is still under development and expected to go on sale in China this spring but the idea is for the projector to present information that supplements what’s on its 1.5-inch touchscreen — like fitness stats, temperature, time, and even sketches you draw via a drawing app.

Other features of the Android-based device include GPS, heart-rate monitoring, and basics such as step tracking and activity tracking in addition calling and texting.

Applications for the projector seem limited but that could change as development continues. Still, we’re pretty sure wearers won’t be able (or want) to watch videos on the back of their hand.

Check out this BBC video for a peek at how the Asu smartwatch works.