Guitar Hero's Heroes

New music is discovered in a variety of ways. Films often launch new music and hit songs, either within the soundtrack or in the coveted final credits. Lately, TV shows are a sure-fire vehicle for hit new music. Go to iTunes and  you can grab the song you heard on last week's Grey's Anatomy.

However, an article on Radio Online points out a new trend that actually, isn't all that surprising.

Notes The article reports the results of a Jacobs Media survey. Survey says: One-third of video game players say they've purchased songs featured on video games. Games that are music-driven, such as Guitar Hero and Rock Band are introducing new music to a new audience.

According to the survey, half of all video game players have played Guitar Hero or Rock Band. "Notably, younger listeners and alternative rock fans are more likely to play these games."

With such an emphasis on music, it really shouldn't surprise anyone that these games are spawning an interest in the music featured in them. Looks like everyone wins in this game. -Leslie Shapiro

Radio Online