Got That Spreadsheet for Me?

Don't be surprised if it's not Excel your co-workers are watching on their PCs over the next few days. A survey conducted by the Consumer Electronics Association and the Sports Video Group shows that 38 percent of sports fans expect to download and watch a game--at no cost--over the next few years. That's up 10 percent from last year.

This year's NCAA March Madness, which began today, would be a good time to start. is showing all 63 games for free on NCAA March Madness On Demand. The 640 x 360 widescreen video viewer is hardly high-def viewing at its best--even jerky at times--but it's more than passable. It sure beats watching second-quarter sales projections.


March Madness also means big bucks for the consumer electronics industry. According to CEA, the NCAA tournament can take some credit for a seasonal 1 million bump in HDTV sales, translating to a cool $1 billion in revenue.--Rebecca Day