GoldenEar SuperCinema 3 Speaker System HT Labs Measures

HT Labs Measures

Satellite Sensitivity:
91 dB from 500 Hz to 2 kHz

Center Sensitivity:
91 dB from 500 Hz to 2 kHz


This graph shows the quasi-anechoic (employing close-miking of all woofers) frequency response of the SuperSat 3 satellite (purple trace), SuperSat 3C center channel (green trace), and ForceField 3 subwoofer (blue trace). All passive loudspeakers were measured with grilles at a distance of 1 meter with a 2.83-volt input and scaled for display purposes.

The SuperSat 3’s listening-window response (a five-point average of axial and +/–15-degree horizontal and vertical responses) measures +2.83/–3.30 decibels from 200 hertz to 10 kilohertz. The –3-dB point is at 181 Hz, and the –6-dB point is at 158 Hz. Impedance reaches a minimum of 4.71 ohms at 374 Hz and a phase angle of –41.12 degrees at 254 Hz.

The SuperSat 3C’s listening-window response measures +2.49/–3.11 dB from 200 Hz to 10 kHz. An average of axial and +/–15-degree horizontal responses measures +2.58/–4.18 dB from 200 Hz to 10 kHz. The –3-dB point is at 178 Hz, and the –6-dB point is at 156 Hz. Impedance reaches a minimum of 4.65 ohms at 374 Hz and a phase angle of –41.44 degrees at 247 Hz.

The ForceField 3’s close-miked response, normalized to the level at 80 Hz, indicates that the lower –3-dB point is at 34 Hz and the –6-dB point is at 29 Hz. The upper –3-dB point is at 134 Hz with the Lowpass Crossover control set to maximum.—MJP

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Stephen Trask's picture

Hey Mark,

I've been waiting for a reputable review of these babies, although I am planning on getting the SuperCinema 5s for the LCR. I know how you hate stars but can one assume that the 4 stars are due to the inherent limitations of the price range and form factor? Or is there something else. I know you aren't in the business of system recommendations but I was considering these speakers with either the Marantz AV7005 and MM7055 or waiting for the new Rotel pre/pro and pairing it with an Anthem amp.
Does this sound reasonable?


kevon27's picture

Wow, the sub performance does not seem very impressive.

Mark Fleischmann's picture
My main reservation is that there are better systems if you want to play loud (see final graf of text). I haven't reviewed any separates for a long time -- sorry I can't be more helpful.
Stephen Trask's picture

I am definitely not looking to blast anything, although I figured with the SuperCinema 5s I'd get a bit more volume. Space and form factor are a concern for me and I have a room for listening to my stereo loud. But point taken. Do you think I'm overpowering or that there might be something in this form factor that will sound as sweet but go louder?

I noticed by the way that you have a Rotel. I definitely like their sound over any of their competitors. that's kind of why I thought to wait for their new model.

Mark Fleischmann's picture need is more a function of room size and speaker sensitivity/efficiency than form factor. This is how THX comes in useful: It sets a standard for room size and sound level.
Stephen Trask's picture

are not your thing. I just can't fit the single unit. If I were to go with the Rotel, which to my ears sounds miles better than a similarly priced Integra, I would get the 100 w per channel RMB-1565 amp, which is pretty much in line with the 1550 that you have. Either that or go with a similarly powered Anthem Class A/B. The room is about 14 x 18 x 10. It's either the Goldenears one size up from the review versions, the Morels or the KEF 305. If someone else out there has experience with any of these let me know. Or thinks this is just a bad combo.

enfant_teribl's picture

Post deleted - I just realised this test was a year old....

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SeanB's picture

How would you compare this to the 3d array and the Cambtidge Minx S325 v2? I'm trying to decide between the three.