Getting Personal

Nothing makes a statement like personalizing your interior decor with Auralex Acoustics SonicPrint ProPanels. These acoustic absorptive panels are covered in a special fabric designed to improve the sound of your home theater or media room. The SonicPrint panels help control excessive reverberation and room ring that are caused by hard surfaces like drywall, concrete or wood. Strategically placing these panels on the walls will absorb unwanted sound energy and optimize the acoustical properties of your room, providing more accurate and undistorted sound throughout the listening area.

You can browse through Auralex's library of prints online in a gallery that is divided into several categories for easy browsing and convenient ordering. Categories include artistic/textures, aquatic/animals, children, cultural, flowers/nature, food/beverage, historic/vintage, humor, independent artists, performing arts, motivational, movies, music, scenic and sports. Custom panels can be made from someone's own photography or artwork, too. Auralex continues to negotiate licensed properties to provide additional graphic options. As an added value, the site features a Free Room Analysis form, an installation guide with design and application ideas.

These custom ProPanels are available in three sizes - 24"x24", 24"x36" or 24"x48". You can go online to discover what prints you are most interested in purchasing, however, to actually order the panels you need to call Auralex at 800 959-3343 to find a dealer near you.