Get your own Marvel Comics HDTV

There's nerdy, and then there's too nerdy even for me. If you really, really love Marvel Comics, you can get an HDTV branded with a popular Marvel superhero or team. A company named RTC23 just announced that it will be releasing a full line of Marvel-branded HDTVs.

The HDTVs range from the understated (black bezels with Captain America or Incredible Hulk logos under the screen) to the kind of cool (a gold-bezeled Iron Man HDTV) to the downright ugly (a blue-bezeled Wolverine HDTV). They come in a wide variety of sizes and prices, starting with a $339 22-inch 720p screen and going all the way up to a $1989 55-inch LCD or 46-inch LED LCD 1080p screen. The screens are available directly through RTC23.

Will Greenwald

[Source: Nerd Approved via io9]