Geneva Sound S dock coming to luxury stores

GenevasoundStylish audio company Geneva Sound is rolling out a new iPod dock, with a hefty price tag and an impressive retail pedigree. The Geneva S is the company's newest product, a 9-inch-wide glossy black, white, or red box on a removable metal stand that sports some relatively impressive specs for its size.

The dock is a stereo speaker system, with twin 2-inch by 3-inch full-range drivers powered by an internal 30-watt amplifier. It features built-in DSP for processing compressed music, a built-in FM radio tuner, a stereo line-in port, and a dozen different iPod dock adapters to handle virtually any Apple media player. It also doubles as a clock. It's the smallest and lightest sound system in Geneva Sound's entire line.

Despite its small size, the Geneva S has a somewhat daunting price; at $329, the dock is no impulse buy. It's available at luxury fashion and decor stores like Barney's, Conran, Fred Segal, and Design Within.

Will Greenwald