Funky Sound ’Phones Boast 4G and Wi-Fi

Headphone makers are really stepping up their game lately. A couple months ago it was Sennheiser’s Ambeo, a headset with 360-degree microphones built into its earpieces. Not to be outdone, startup Funky Sound Studio plans to introduce its take on smart headphones next month at CES 2018.

Inspired by composer Claude Debussy, whom founder Arnaud Perret quotes on the company’s sparse website, Funky Sound Studio is   dedicated to creating “smart listening objects.” The featured quote reads: “I passionately love the music. And because I love her, I try to free her from the barren traditions that suffocate her.”

The first of those smart objects is the aptly named Clair de Lune, which is French for “light of the moon” (left in photo) and the Nathaniel. The first models in the Debussy line, both sport a beautiful design and more than a tinge of tech.

The only details we have were passed along by the company’s publicist: “These headphones are the first to employ 4G and Wi-Fi for seamless connectivity anywhere, and are completely standalone as they don’t require another device to access your music library. They also feature a colored touch screen to navigate playlists and set a custom cover. While voice command expands the headsets capabilities to help users through their daily lives.”

The headphones were developed with help from Antoine Chabert, three-time Grammy award winner for artists like Daft Punk, and Dolby Labs, according to the company.

Funky Sound Studios has our attention but we’ll have to wait a few weeks for the full download. Watch for our CES coverage, which kicks off Sunday, January 7.

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