Fosgate Audionics FAA1000.5

Fosgate Audionics has begun shipping a new five-channel modular amplifier that enables custom configuration and simplifies in-field service.

The FAA1000.5 features five slide-in mono amplifier modules, each rated at 200 watts. Circuitry is highly advanced, with a compact switch-mode power supply said to eliminate 60-Hz hum fields, and "Class G Trans*ana" topology for "tremendous power headroom and efficiency," and 12-volt remote triggers for operating blackout shades, projector lifts, etc. Rackmount hardware is available for those who need it.

"A modular design approach allows the customer to configure the amplifier to his or her precise listening needs," explains Charlie Wood, Fosgate Audionics executive consultant. "The standard configuration is 200 watts x five with MOSFET circuit topology, delivering extraordinary reliability and sonic performance, meeting the listening needs of the most critical listener. Consumers are concerned with product obsolescence as home theater formats continue to change. The beauty of the FAA1000.5 is that you can change its amp configuration whenever you need to."

"The Fosgate Audionics FAA1000.5 was designed for the demanding home theater enthusiast that is looking for a significant performance improvement and a more dynamic home theater experience," explained Brian Carlsness, Fosgate Audionics Managing Director. "It’s the perfect solution for the consumer who owns an all-in-one receiver and is ready to go to the next level of performance that only high quality separate components can provide."

The FAA1000.5 retails for $2,799.00, and will be shown at booth SR23 at the upcoming CEDIA 2002 show.