Flashback 2001: Introducing DVD-Audio

DVD-Audio was the big story in our February/March 2000 issue, which devoted more than a dozen pages to the launch of a promising new multichannel music format hailed by Neil Young and other artists as audio’s second coming. Things didn’t quite turn out as planned.

From our 2012 article, “Flops: 14 Formats and Technologies that Couldn’t Quite Hang On”:

SACD started life in the fall of 1999 as a tweak format with the launch of a $5,000 Sony player and 19 (mostly classical) Sony Music titles priced at $25 each. Although the format was capable of multichannel surround sound, early players and discs played only stereo SACDs and regular CDs; multichannel players and discs would come a couple of years later. After several false starts, DVD-Audio stumbled into the market a year later, led by a $1,000 Panasonic player and a small, eclectic mix of pop, jazz, and classical titles, also priced around $25. Players were touted as universal machines that played CDs, regular DVDs, and the new, high-res DVD-Audio discs, which served up music mixed for 5.1-channel surround sound, DVD-like menus, and multimedia extras such as videos, interviews, lyrics, and photos. A Warner Music exec who was at the forefront of the launch said DVD-Audio would be looked back on as “a milestone similar to the move from mono to stereo.” Actually, it would be all but forgotten before the end of the decade.

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...it didn't make it. One of my favorite albums (STP's "Core") was done for DVD-audio and I especially enjoyed the 5.1 mix. I heard detail from the DVD-audio that simply wasn't available on any other medium.

I guess on the flip side it ushered quite a number of discs in to the realm of collector's items since it's now worth three times what I paid back in 2000/2001:

What's more is that it was super-simple to rip the 5.1 tracks to multi-channel FLAC at the same 24/96 resolution 14 years later. Try doing that with a 24/96 BluRay.

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Yup from the ripping POV DVD-A is awesome, Blu Ray is fairly easy too, but forget SACD it's a pain, maybe one of the reasons why DSD downloads are all the fad these days.