First 308.5 Iosono Surround System Installed In the US

That's right.  The Peltz Theater, part of the Museum of Tolerance/Simon Weisenthal Center in Los Angeles, was just completely renovated. The multi-million dollar improvements include a 308-channel audio system. Plus five subwoofers. Nice.

Because the theater was designed with this system in mind and stripped down to the struts for the renovation, all of the speakers are hidden from view. "The system utilizes waveform synthesis allowing for effects and movement of sound that have never been reproduced before now. Because of the way the sound is distributed, every seat in the house is a good one."

This is the first theater in the country with an Iosono 308-channel system. Because this theater is used for special events and fundraisers, it can take advantage of this custom configuration. There really isn't a lot of material out there mixed for 308.5. I'm comfortable mixing for 5.1 - I wouldn't know what to do with 308 discrete channels!

Keep reading for the video specs of this theater.

Only the best will do for this theater. So, a Christie 5000-lumen 3-chip DLP high-def projector was installed. There are also two 35mm film projectors, and a Blu-ray player. There's also a motorized masking system to change the frame/aspect ratio.

Hopefully, they'll issue a press release to let everyone know when they have material to showcase this new system. Should be exciting. —Leslie Shapiro

Systems Contractor