Finally! Something Worth Talking About

Sure, iPods, Kaleidescapes and other media servers are great if you've got lots of extra energy for all that button pushing. But if your fingers are busy doing other important things or you just really want to veg out and lie around doing nothing more strenuous then breathing, control systems have left you pretty much out in the cold.

If you're tired of button pushing or have just been holding off on buying a server until there was one you could yell at to do your bidding, then look no further than Avoca Semiconductor's new solution. Avoca is a leading designer of voice-enabled user interface solutions, and their new VIP Music Edition gives you full control over your music collections with a unique touch-and-talk interface!

The system includes a VIP Music Player, a wireless VIP Music Companion, and the Say it-Play it control interface. Seriously, all components called "VIP" make me feel all Paris-Hilton-behind-the-ropes kind of special.

The Music Player's CD drive rips music to a built-in hard drive in lossless digital format, then you simply tell the wireless, hand held Music Companion what you want to hear. You can also tell it your problems and ask it for advice on the stock market, but results will vary greatly.

The Say it-Play it interface does respond to voice commands like "Play Wu Tang," "Set volume to 8," or "Display by Album." You can also attach nicknames to music, making it easy to bring up your "I'm having sex tonight" playlist. Of course, saying, "I'm having sex tonight" might very well kill your chances of actually having sex, so take that one under advisement.

In case you come down with strep or just want to relieve those crazy days of yore, the 3 x 2.25-inch touchscreen remote also responds to regular old button pressing

Avocatopviewweb The VIP Music Edition will be launching at the CEDIA Expo in Denver, Colorado, and is expected to sell for $3,990.  – John Sciacca

John Sciacca is The Custom Installer columnist for Sound & Vision. His company is Custom Theater and Audio.