Facebook May Stream Music

Facebook has nearly 700 million users. Think about that. It's close to a hundred New York Cities. So it's big news that the social networking site may be about to launch music streaming.

Rumor has it that Facebook users will soon have access to a Music Dashboard page. In addition to telling you what your friends are listening to, it may also allow streaming.

There is actually a Music on Facebook section already, but it offers only resources for creating fan pages, not streaming.

So how does Facebook plan to integrate streaming? Reportedly it is reportedly in negotiations with Spotify, a Swedish streaming service that's big in parts of Europe but hasn't made inroads in the United States. The rumors have been reported by GigaOm (link below).

Show us the money, you say? Spotify as currently constituted operates via computer, offering both a free ad-supported service and an ad-free subscription service. The latter also supports mobile use. Spotify has agreements with the major music labels, so the licensing aspect shouldn't be much of a hurdle for Facebook.

See news.com and GigaOm.