Eternal Sunshine of the Sharp Solar-Powered LCD

It's not clear whether Sharp is showing their latest prototype as a for-real solar powered LCD screen, or if it's a dramatic visualization on how little power is required to run this new 52-inch TV.

Using a solar panel just a bit bigger than the ultra-thin set itself, this television will run as long as the sun is shining on the panel - it doesn't have any type of battery, so it can't store that power for use at night or cloudy days. A battery should be easy enough to add in the future.

Why does it use so little power?

The LCD is illuminated by LEDS which use very little power to produce an image. There was no mention of this, but I'm willing to bet Panel there are no speakers or an amplifier in this model.

Clever idea, for sure, but without a way to store power literally for a rainy day, this is just an interesting demonstration of what might be possible in the future. -Leslie Shapiro

Story and photos: AVING USA