ESPN - The Ultimate in Controls

Make sure you keep this one away from the dog. ESPN is announcing an amazing new clicker, boldly called, "The Ultimate Remote."

Well, they might be right. The ESPN Ultimate Remote is a universal remote, but it's oh-so-much more.

With built-in Wi-Fi and an onboard 2.2-inch LCD screen, the Ultimate gives users one-touch access to the Internet with mobile browsing, email, texting, weather, and more, in addition to a TV program guide.

It's also a basic remote, controlling home theater gear and set top boxes, with simple setup and one-handed operation. No device codes or model numbers to look up.

41zotiwbg7l_aa280_ With a pre-order price of $299.99 at, convenience doesn't come cheap. Because it has Wi-Fi, you're not tied to the sofa, either. The Internet features work wherever you can pick up a cloud. Of course, ESPN would love it if you only surfed to their website, but you can get so much more.

Ladies, give it up. Your guy ain't ever gonna hand over the remote to you. Ever. -Leslie Shapiro