Epson Sues Maker of RCA Projectors for Grossly ‘Exaggerating Lumens Claims’

Epson America today announced that it has amended its lawsuit against Curtis International Ltd. for “falsely advertising the lumens of projectors manufactured and sold under the RCA brand name.”

The amended complaint, which names Technicolor SA as an additional defendant, singles out seven RCA models for having “exaggerated lumens claims” and for using “misleading images of the projectors in a well-lit environment and descriptions of the projectors as ‘super bright.’”

The lawsuit alleges “dramatic inaccuracies” in stated projector lumens (or brightness) of all models manufactured by Curtis International Ltd., including the RPJ116, RP116+, RPJ116-B-Plus, RPJ119, RPJ104, RPJ129, and RPJ136.

Epson claims three of those seven RCA models overstate lumens by 99%, three by 98%, and one by 94%. The most egregious offender is the RCA RPJ116-B-Plus, which has an “actual lumens measured” rating of 18 versus a claimed lumens rating of 2,000, according to a press statement circulated by Epson, which said “actual lumens” measurements were obtained via independent testing based on “existing standard procedures.”

Epson further claims Curtis-made projectors sold under other brand names also carry “false lumens claims.”

“When manufacturers use blatantly misleading specification claims, it hurts the entire industry,” said Mike Isgrig, Epson’s vice president of consumer sales and marketing. “This practice makes it impossible for consumers to make informed purchase decisions and is damaging to the credibility of the industry and those who support it.”

Epson recently attained a permanent injunction and a $5 million award for damages stemming from successful litigation against iRulu for similar false advertising of lumens ratings.

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I paid over six grand for my first Sony Projector in 2000, and let me tell ya, a lot of money then and even now. This baby cost under one hundred bucks. Watched a U Tube video about it, know what, not bad, good enough to watch a flick outside on a warm summer evening, or something similar. Okay, they lie like dogs about the specs, but mellow out Epson, your projectors are leaps better but costs 10(s) times more. Not the same group of buyers. Maybe, just maybe if the curious Walmart shopper tries this and gets the bug, we suddenly add another home theater hobbyist and THEN he or she will buy real equipment.

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I'm on board with Epson dude. What happened to truth? Lying to the Walmart crowd is ok but if Sony lied to you you'd howl and then sue. How patronizing. If its ok for RCA to lie why not anybody else? If RCA told the truth then prices would come down and the folks you're pissing on could buy even more. Oh wait you were really pissing on the truth.

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Prices come down? Dude, last checked, the RCA cost $90. We are not talking several thousound at a minimum for a true projector. Besides, whoever going to spend 90 bucks on a projector is even going to read the specs, much less understand them? I bet Epson is afraid that most average people will be satisfied with the adequate big screen looks of the RCA Chinese wonder and then Epsons business model evaporates. I have questioned the prices and profits of projectors for years, even though I have spent a bundle buying them myself. What is so wrong letting Joe Sixpack show his simpleton friends his "home theater"? You and I know better, but what harm is there, truly? Okay, make RCA not list specs on the package, maybe just show some average screen shots on the package, that alone would sell these. Do yourself a favor, go to U Tube and watch a few vids about these. i would not be satisfied, but I bet many people would. In the end, I think this legal drama is less about integrity and more about keeping over the top profits in place. Truth and knowledge are hidden when money making is involved. As in everything, just follow the money and you will find your answers. Speaking of corruption, I need to go and vote, got to help save democracy and all of that kind of stuff.

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Looks like an April fool's joke to of the best I've seen if it is!!!!!

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you can just use your common sense and just look at the projector and just know they are inflating the lumens i own several low cost units and they are fun to use they decode videos off of usb drives and portable how many Epsons decode mp4's mkv's and avi's the last time i looked NONE.