Emotiva Announces “Affordable High-End” Electronics Line

Emotiva Audio has announced a line of amplifiers and stereo preamp/tuners designed to deliver “audiophile power and performance at price points that allow a far larger segment of the market to enjoy high-end audio.”

Dubbed BasX, the line comprises a preamp/tuner, tuner/amplifier, and power amplifiers in the following configurations (all 8 ohms): BasX A-150, 2 x 75 watts ($299); BasX A-300, 2 x 150 watts ($399); BasX A-500, 5 x 100 watts ($499); BasX A-700, 7 x 100 watts ($599); and BasX A-800, 8 x 50 watts ($599). All of the amplifiers are Class AB designs with toroidal power supplies, while the amp/tuner and preamp/tuner support 24/96k digital audio and have high-quality FM tuners.

The line also includes the BasX A-100 ($199) compact integrated amplifier and the BasX MC-700 7.1-channel AV preamp/processor ($599), featuring HDMI 2.0 with HDCP 2.2 support, two dual-core 32-bit DSP engines, a manual parametric EQ for each channel, and Emotiva’s Emo-Q room correction system.

The A-100 features a front-panel volume control, automatic turn-on, and a “high-power” headphone output. Highlights of the A-150, A-300, A-500, and A-700 models include fault protection, front-panel status indicators, heavy-duty speaker terminals, and input and output triggers.

The A-800 is a multi-zone amplifier featuring fault protection, front-panel status indicators, input and output triggers, and inputs for each channel. It can power up to eight speakers in one to four zones and includes a selectable input bus to simplify multi-zone sound distribution.

The BasX PT-100 preamp/tuner ($299) features a phono preamp for moving magnet and moving coil cartridges, a USB input that supports 24/96k digital audio, and an optional Bluetooth input module. The Bas X IA-100 ($399) adds a 2 x 50-watt amplifier. Both models come with a remote control and have a subwoofer output, as well as analog and digital inputs, including optical and USB.

For more information, visit emotiva.com.

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I have really enjoyed what emotiva creates, however, I partly get concerned when products have such a short market life. The implication of the short market life is that the replaced products weren't initially designed well enough to sit in the market--as opposed to parasound products that are around years before a change is made. I became an emotiva buyer about 2-years ago and thought the company was really new and innovative, but I found that the company has been around for many, many years and comes out with "new and better" products each year. Maybe the marketing agenda is to reduce shelf life and thus compel anxious buyers to hurry and buy the new products e.g. brooms now can be used for a couple of years while brooms years ago lasted ten years.

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Where? I can't find a thing about their BasX line when I follow your link. I was interested to read more via Emotiva's site - but to no avail.

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Announcements concerning Emotiva's new product line have appeared here and in at least one other location but Emotiva's website does not have any information as far as I could tell. What's the story?