Dynaudio Updates Contour Loudspeaker Lineup

The last time Dynaudio updated its mid-range Contour speaker lineup was back in 2016. Since then, the company has launched a retooled version of its high-end Confidence series that uses all-new drivers and revamped baffle design, along with updated cabinets and crossovers. Some tech from that effort has trickled down into Dynaudio’s just-announced Contour i series speakers, which consists of the Contour 20i bookshelf ($5,250/pair), Contour 30i ($8,250/pair) and Contour 60i towers ($10,750/pair), and Contour 25Ci center channel ($3,750 each).

The changes Dynaudio has introduced with its “i” models are topped off by a new Esotar 2i tweeter with a “Hexis resonance-defeating inner dome, plus a new, larger rear chamber.” According the company’s release, both of these updates serve to “reduce distortion and provide a flatter frequency response.”

Woofers on the 20i, 30i and 25Ci models feature a Nomex spider that uses a new material which, in Dynaudio’s estimation, “simply sounds better.” The company’s release further states that the Contour 60i tower uses redesigned woofers “with a larger magnet system, an updated voice-coil design, and a glass-fibre voice-coil former, as first used in the new Confidence range and the Dynaudio Sub 6 subwoofer.”

What else is new in the Countour i line? Improved Walnut, Grey Oak High Gloss, and Black High Gloss finishes that are available for each speaker.

The Contour i speakers are expected to arrive in the U.S. by August. For more info check out Dynaudio’s website.

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Hmm, no wonder so many Contours have shown up on the used market in the last month or so. I do wonder just how different or better they will sound than the current iteration.

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Some good deals from dealers on new one's as well. Always liked the sound of their stuff.