DVDs: Last Minute Shopping!

Film Special Editions

Ben-Hur Collector's Edition (Warner, 4 discs)

Sin City Recut & Extended Edition (Dimension, 2 discs)

The Sound of Music 40th Anniversary Edition (20th Century Fox, 2 discs)

Oklahoma! Special Edition (20th Century Fox, 2 discs)

State Fair Special Edition (20th Century Fox, 2 discs)

Looney Tunes Golden Collection, Vol. 3 (Warner, 4 discs)

Looney Tunes Movie Collection (Warner, 2 discs)

Tom and Jerry Spotlight Collection, Vol. 2 (Warner, 2 discs)

Rebel Samurai Sixties Swordplay Classics Kill!, Samurai Rebellion, Samurai Spy, Sword of the Beast (The Criterion Collection, 4 discs)

Harryhausen Gift Set It Came from Beneath the Sea, 20 Million Miles from Earth, Earth vs. The Flying Saucers (Sony, 3 discs)

TV Series

Seinfeld Gift Set, Seasons 5 & 6 (Sony, 8 discs)

Remington Steele Season 2 (20th Century Fox, 4 discs)

Macgyver Season 4 (Paramount, 5 discs)

Veronica Mars Season 1 (Warner, 6 discs)

Las Vegas Season 2 (Universal, 3 discs)

Tales from the Crypt Season 2 (Warner, 3 discs)

The A-Team Season 3 (Universal, 3 discs)

"24" Season 4 (20th Century Fox, 7 discs)

The L Word Season 2 (Showtime, 4 discs)

South Park Season 6 (Paramount, 3 discs)

Knight Rider Season 3 (Universal, 3 discs)

The X-Files Mythology Colonization; Super Soldiers (20th Century Fox, 4 discs each set)

Home Improvement Season 3 (Touchstone, 3 discs)

Northern Exposure Season 3 (Universal, 3 discs)

Rockford Files Season 1 (Universal, 3 discs)

The West Wing Season 5 (Warner, 6 discs)