DVDPlay Brings Blu-ray to Kiosks

What's your grocery list look like? Milk, butter-pecan ice cream, bread, butter, blueberries, Blu-ray.  Blu-ray??? Starting in June, DVDPlay is going to be offering Blu-ray discs right along side standard DVD in their standalone rental kiosks. They're the first rental kiosk to offer Blu-ray. You haven't seen these kiosks yet?

Home_logo_12_05_07 DVDPlay is just one of a new business model. Standalone kiosks located in very mundane locations - grocery stores, drugstores, even fast food joints. Pick a movie, scan your credit card, and you're on your way home before the ice cream starts to melt.

Now, instead of just DVDs, DVDPlay is going to offer Blu-ray at the same price as regular DVDs -- just $1.49 per disc. At that price, it's hard to walk past. These movies are the ultimate impulse purchase. DVDPlay has said that the first releases, Untraceable and Men In Black will be available as soon as June 10th.

Hopefully, by making Blu-ray as accessible as DVD, sales of the format - hardware and software - will continue to increase. Even as DVD sales seem to decrease, rental numbers increase, especially as more options for getting the disc keep popping up in the most unlikely locations.

Butterpecan Let's just hope that consumers aren't just confused by the choice and just give up and go home empty handed.  Well, not empty handed - there's always that butter pecan.-Leslie Shapiro