DuPont meet Dainippon, Dainippon meet DuPont

Not really known for being a big player in the consumer electronics world, DuPont just entered into a strategic partnership with Dainippon Screen Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The goal is to create a more affordable manufacturing process for printed organic light-emitting diode displays. DuPont is usually associated with industries ranging from agriculture to health care. However, they do have a top-notch plastics division and awesome manufacturing know-how. The leap into the OLED arena isn't that far of a stretch. OLEDs use thin films of emissive organic materials - right up DuPont's alley.

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Dupontlogoonwhite Any company that's willing to work on creating more affordable flat screen TVs is big news, especially considering the possibilities offered by OLED displays.  Although their lifespan might be somewhat limited, there is no question that OLED displays can have better contrast ratios, a smaller carbon footprint, and faster response times. While currently available in small sizes, cost has prohibited larger screens from coming to market.

It's DuPont's goal to produce displays that are better than current LCD displays, at a lower price. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that's a good thing.-Leslie Shapiro

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