Do Your Headphones Need Audyssey?

If you like the effect of Audyssey room correction in your home theater system, would you like to apply it to your headphones? That may happen if headphone makers embrace Audyssey’s ExpertFit Partner Program. Audyssey wants participating manufacturers to create a profile for each model using an ExpertFit measurement program and new algorithms based on existing MultEQ and Dynamic EQ, until now best known for their use in audio/video receivers.

Equalization matches the acoustic traits of the headphones to a reference mixing environment. To get the benefit of the Audyssey magic, listeners would boot up a listening program, which might be the Audyssey Media Player (currently a 99-cent iOS app), an Audyssey-developed media player for a specific headphone manufacturer, or a music streaming service. In the latter category, Songza already uses the technology in apps for iOS and Android.