Do-It-Yourself Rear Projection Theater

It kind of makes sense. If a rear projection TV works by reflecting an image onto a fixed screen, why can't you put any size screen in front of it?

It happened to one man. He had a 50" Sony rear projection set. Shortly after buying it, it just didn't seem big enough. So, this enterprising do-it-yourself-er took it upon himself to create a huge home theater, right in his basement. For the cost of a rear projection screen ($350 from HTDepot) and some basic wood, hardware, and velvet (come on, what theater is complete without velvet curtains?) he had a stunning theater, that he could probably have made as big as possible.

How did he do it?

Rpv_ht27500x375 For complete details, check him out here.

Rpv_ht06 Now, we don't recommend everyone go and rip open your televisions, but if you were just gonna toss it for a bigger size, why not give this a shot. Let us know how it turns out. -Leslie Shapiro