Disney Rolls Own Cloud Initiative

Disney Movies Anywhere is the studio’s foray into cloud-based content distribution. Buy a Disney movie title on iTunes, and you can enjoy it on multiple platforms—for starters, iOS devices, Apple TV, and major Web browsers, with others to follow. The digital rights management scheme is Disney’s own long-rumored KeyChest, a notable departure from the UltraViolet cloud DRM supported by other major studios. DMA is launching with 400 titles to start, including Frozen. Those who activate DMA and connect it to an iTunes account get a free digital copy of The Incredibles. If you’ve bought a Disney title on Blu-ray or DVD over the past six years, your disc may include a code for cloud access on the DMA platform.

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Sorry for the oncoming wall of text.

As someone who is moving away from iTunes/Apple, this solution is less than useful. I decided to activate my digital copy of Frozen so I could let my kids watch in another room on another device, but I could only activate once and had to choose between iTunes, Kindle, or Google Play. The packaging says digital copy I can watch anywhere on any device.

I saw the offer for the Incredibles, so I went with DMA. I should have done more research, I guess, because the iPhone 3GS I'm passing on to my kids can't play the HD files, and my laptop won't play from iTunes because it's not HDCP compliant. It can play from the DMA website, but that's not useful at the grandparents' house that doesn't have broadband.

The DMA website won't play the movies on my Galaxy S4, and I would have to violate the DMCA to convert the iTunes files to play on my phone, so I'm out of luck there.

This would be a winner if it worked on Android, too. I'm sure there are more households than mine that are multi-platform and would like a truly portable digital copy and the benefits of Disney Movies Anywhere, but it seems that Disney wants to leave money on the table.

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