Disappearing Act: Gallo Nucleus Micro Loudspeakers

Audio and home theater dealers will tell you that the biggest obstacle to getting a sound system into customers' homes is overcoming their objections about the size of the speakers. Big boxes, no matter how stylish, are simply unacceptable to some people. If you are one of them, Anthony Gallo Acoustics has just what you're looking for.

Gallo's Nucleus Micro is a spherical loudspeaker about the size of a softball---one capable of packing a sonic punch belied by its small size. With the Nucleus, Gallo has pushed single-driver technology to the maximum, creating a truly high fidelity product with wide imaging capabilities. Professional reviewers and music lovers alike have been astounded by the Micro's ability to "disappear" while filling the room with lifelike sound.

Only $699 per pair, the Nucleus Micro is available in six different finishes (black, white, silver, champagne, wine, and bronze) and can be wall-mounted, floor-mounted (with the matching "stalk" stands) and also works superbly as a desktop speaker with personal computers. Gallo Acoustics makes a versatile subwoofer, the MPS-150, to extend the performance of the Micros. If space constraints or design considerations have hindered your home theater plans, Gallo Acoustics may have the solution.