DirecTV Folk Get HBO GO and MAX GO

DirecTV subscribers who buy premium channels are in for a pair of new treats. They've gotten HBO Go and MAX GO, allowing instant access to a broad array of HBO shows and Cinemax movies.

On the HBO GO side, that means every episode of every season of selected shows. The service will launch with 1400+ titles from old favorites like The Sopranos to the new Game of Thrones. A Season Pass offers alerts to favorite programs.

MAX GO will offer 400+ titles. A Browse by Tags feature will enable keyword title searches.

Users can create a Watchlist that tracks bookmarked content for later viewing. There will be bonus content, customizable views, and DVR-like pause, rewind, etc. features.

For more information see DirecTV Watch Online page. There are also separate sites for HBO GO and MAX GO. Tip of the hat to TWICE.

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Do people actually sit at a computer desk at some varied width of a computer monitor with dinky computer audio(some might have audio systems hooked up better than "dinky" like a Bose system but it is not 5.1). I am not sure if this is something that can be done on these I-phones and their related I-phone types from other manufacturers. To me, I like sitting on a comfy couch and recliner with a HD tv and if possible a 5.1 channel system to get my money's worth out of any subscription to pay channels that I might have.