Dirac Live Room Correction Coming to NAD Gear

Dirac Live, the acclaimed room-correction technology, is coming to products in NAD’s Masters and Custom Install lines under a strategic partnership with Dirac Research, the companies announced yesterday.

“Dirac Live is unique in that it provides true impulse response correction over a large listening area, improving the depth, positioning, and distinction of individual voices and instruments,” the press release said. “Using multiple measurement and mixed phase correction, Dirac Live helps audio systems to create a natural, realistic, and transparent sound with tighter bass and reduced room modes, in a way not previously possible.”

“A room’s natural acoustics create audio abnormalities and sound colorations that even the most high-end home theater set-ups cannot overcome,” said Niklas Thorin, Dirac’s general manager. “With the support of Dirac Live, NAD’s newest line-up of amplifiers will be able to treat these acoustical flaws and, as a result, produce an even more refined and perfected hi-fi listening experience.”

“This partnership is a natural fit and we look forward to working with Dirac to provide our customers with the best possible home theater experience,” said Greg Stidsen, director of technology and product planning for NAD parent company Lenbrook.

No word yet on which products will incorporate Dirac processing and when they will be available.

For more information on Dirac, visit dirac.com.

JayhawkLaw's picture

I just noticed yesterday on NAD's website that the NAD T758 v.3 ($1,300) is already available with Dirac and Atmos and that there are descriptions of the modules that will incorporate Dirac, Atmos and 4K video for other models.