Dirac Announces Next-Gen Room-Correction System

Dirac Research, the Swedish company specializing in sound optimization technology, has announced that it will demonstrate several major updates to its acclaimed Dirac Live room-correction platform at CES 2018, which kicks off in Las Vegas on January 9.

The “next generation” system, which is expected to launch in in early 2018, has a new algorithm said to offer improved performance, a refreshed user interface with a simplified setup procedure, and multi-language support that has been expanded to include Spanish, French, Mandarin, and Japanese.

The updated system is described as easier to configure, shifting from a fairly technical process to an intuitive app-based process that guides the user, confirming along the way that correct actions are being taken and optimal settings implemented. The app is so intuitive that users with no technical expertise will be able to use it, according to the press release Dirac issued.

“With our refreshed interface and configuration, users don’t need to be technical experts to gain optimal benefits from the platform,” said Niklas Thorin, Dirac’s general manager of high performance audio. “And an equally important change is the move toward a more mobile-friendly UI. The Dirac Live interface is now as accessible on a midsize tablet as it is on a larger laptop, giving installers flexibility in which tools they prefer using on site.”

In terms of technical updates, the current version of Dirac Live measures the phase of each speaker in a home theater system whereas the updated algorithm will also analyze speakers in pairs to ensure phase responses are matched, which the company says will improve staging and imaging.

With the introduction of the improved Dirac Live platform, the company will also launch a new product development model to “allow for a more customized and personalized room correction experience,” Thorin said. “Going forward, Dirac will be committed to introducing, on a yearly basis, one new Dirac Live ‘module’ that offers unique functionality and allows users to customize their Dirac Live platform based on specific usage requirements and market application — be it home theater, stereo, professional studio, and/ or automotive.”

For more information, visit dirac.com and watch for Sound & Vision’s coverage of CES 2018, which begins on Monday, January 8.


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