Dirac Teams with Oppo to Improve Smartphone Audio

Dirac Research, the Swedish technology company best known among S&V readers for its Dirac Live speaker setup/room-correction system, today announced a strategic partnership with Oppo Electronics to equip Oppo smartphones with its mobile audio optimization solutions.

Wait…Oppo smartphones? In addition to making world-class Blu-ray players, China-based Oppo also happens to be one of the largest mobile device manufacturers in the world.

Under the deal, all Oppo smartphones, including the recently launched R11 and R11 Plus phones, will be equipped with Dirac Power Sound, a speaker-optimization solution said to deliver “clearer, more natural sound with richer detail and a tighter, more powerful bass.” The system is said to enable small transducers to reproduce the best sound quality possible at the highest volume by leveraging key technologies, such as frequency and impulse response correction and bass optimization, that Dirac has used in the premium automobile and hi-fi markets for years.

Oppo will also utilize Dirac’s headphone optimization solutions Dirac HD Sound and Dirac Sensaround. By correcting both the impulse response and frequency response of the headphone audio system, Dirac HD Sound is said to transform poor, distorted sound into a “dynamic sound experience.” Dirac Sensaround is a complementary technology that creates “a realistically immersive soundstage free from the constraints of the space in your ear.”

The partnership is an indicator of the growing consumer demand for premium listening experiences in all entertainment devices—including smartphones, said Dirac’s Erik Rudolphi. “Oppo is widely viewed as one of the most innovative, forward-thinking, and fast-moving mobile device manufacturers in the world—and for good reason,” he said. “They have a keen understanding of market trends and are acutely aware of the growing consumer demand for a premium mobile audio experience.

“As the smartphone becomes a go-to device for entertainment consumption—both while on-the-go and at-home—the device’s audio quality and clarity becomes of critical importance.”

Dirac recently secured $4.8 million in funding further develop its VR and mobile audio solutions. The company’s suite of audio optimization solutions are currently used by Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Volvo, Harman, NAD Electronics, Storm Audio, Datasat, Pioneer, and others.

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Oneplus also has the dirachd but I can find no literature on how my headphones can benefit from the diracHD. I can't even find information on Dirac's site with the exception of how some horrible apple earbuds benefit.