Denon AVR-2311CI A/V Receiver Video Test Bench

Video Test Bench

Apart from a failure of Analog Chroma Resolution (no detail was visible in the highest-frequency horizontal resolution burst), the Denon passed all of our standard video-processing tests. The Digital Chroma Resolution was down slightly in the highest burst, but that’s a common shortcoming. The latter test was taken with a 1080p resolution pattern passed directly through the AVR, with all video processing turned off. When the source was passed through the AVR with the video processing turned on, and set to 1080p, the Digital Chroma Resolution test failed—even though the receiver was doing no upconversion in this case.

The Analog Video Clipping and Resolution tests were run with a 1080i input. With rare exceptions, Blu-ray players will not output 1080p over component.—TJN

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