Denon to Add Alexa Voice to Heos Line

All signs point to voice interaction playing an increasingly greater role in AV gear in the future.

Denon is the latest company to embrace voice with the announcement yesterday that it will integrate Amazon’s Alexa voice service into the Heos line of wireless multiroom products early next year.

This move represents the first signs of fruit from the “voice user interface team” Denon formed back in March. In addition to being able to control Alexa-enabled Heos speakers using voice commands instead of the HEOS app, users will be able to control smart-home products, ask questions, and get news and local information.

“We see the recent shift towards voice as the preferred interface for searching, retrieving, and controlling music as a tremendously compelling arena where we can focus [our] heritage of technical excellence and innovation to deliver completely new experiences,” said Brendon Stead, Denon’s senior VP of product development.

In commenting on the announcement, Amazon Alexa vice president Steve Rabuchin said the collaboration puts Amazon “one step closer to our goal of enabling Alexa voice control on every device within customer’s homes.”

If sales of the Echo Bluetooth speaker/personal assistant is any indicator, Amazon appears to be well on its way to reaching that goal. The company has sold more than 4 million units since launching Echo in 2014, according to a recent Fast Company report.

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