The Delphi-XM Report


Xm02_5 SKYFI was Delphi's first and very successful XM Radio receiver. Its newest iteration introduced at CES, SKYFi3, is immensely sleeker than its predecessors, and sports genuinely useful new features.

Most notably, it can store 10 hours of XM programming for later playback. Clearly borrowing from MP3 player styling cues, the '3 features a 2.8-inch screen that displays horizontally or vertically, 30-minute pause and replay, wireless remote control, internal FM transmitter, micro antenna, and a microSD card slot for storing extra MP3 or WMA songs. The '3 is probably best suited for vehicle playback (where most radio listening occurs) and a vehicle kit is included.

An optional wearable kit is available for handheld playback of stored programs (5 hours of battery time), and home satellite playback is facilitated with

Delphi's Premium Sound System. (MSRP is $120, plus XM Radio subscription).

Xm01Bonus Delphi XM news: In a world of iPod docks, this dock doesn't do pods. In particular, Delphi's Premium Sound System welcomes Delphi's family of XM Radio satellite receivers: SKYFi3, RoadyXT, MyFi, and the Audiovox's Xpress family of XM receivers (as well as Pioneer's Inno and Samsung's Helix with optional adapter). The PSS has a built-in antenna, and runs on AC or batteries. MSRP is $180.
-Ken C. Pohlmann