D-Link Says New System Delivers ‘Seamless Wi-Fi’

D-Link has introduced a $300 whole-house Wi-Fi system designed to create a seamless network over 6,000 square feet.

The Covr AC3900 Wi-Fi System (Covr-3902) comprises an AC2600 router that creates a “power-zone” to handle 4K streaming, gaming, and other bandwidth-intensive activities and an AC1300 Gigabit extender that spreads the signal to hard-to-reach areas instead of relying on multiple access points.

The system’s Smart Steering technology is said to balance network demands between 2.4 and 5-GHz bands by prioritizing activities and steering devices between bands as more devices connect. Unlike a traditional router-extender solution, Covr creates one network with a single name (SSID) so devices automatically connect to the strongest signal without having to disconnect and reconnect to networks as users move around the home.

Features include multi-user MIMO technology to handle “large groups of concurrent users and Smart Roaming so devices automatically connect to the router or range extender depending on which Wi-Fi signal is strongest.

The router and extender are pre-paired to simplify setup using the D-Link Wi-Fi app. The system includes a three year limited warranty and is said to support legacy devices and Wi-Fi standards (802.11n/g).

“Today’s Wi-Fi users are continually adding devices to their network and pushing its limits with high bandwidth activities like streaming 4K content and online gaming,” said Oscar Reyes, D-Link’s vice president of marketing. “With Covr, we wanted to provide a solution that could not only handle multiple devices streaming, gaming and surfing all at once, but also give users wall-to-wall coverage without any Wi-Fi dead spots.”

For more information, visit dlink.com.