Crowson Technology TES 100 Couch Kit Crowson Ratings

Crowson Ratings

Crowson Technology Tes 100 Couch Kit

Build Quality: 93
Feels like a slab of solid steel, even though it's not

Value: 84
An interesting audio option, but very little is included in the box

Features: 86
In addition to the tactile effects, the TES 100 adds an audible element

Performance: 89
Definite if not Earth-moving response and an enjoyable overall effect

Ergonomics: 85
A simple design, but many setup options and few accessories ask much of the user

Overall Rating: 88
A surprisingly simple approach that combines a beyond-subwoofer shake with more-traditional home theater audio in a compact form, if you don't mind more wiring.

General information
TES 100 Couch Kit, $649
Crowson Technology
(805) 962-9004

Crowson Technology
(805) 962-9004