Creative Marketing…and Audio Mixing

Ya gotta hand it to the marketing geniuses at Klipsch (and plenty of other companies) for coming up with out-of-the-box ways to promote their products.

Klipsch has partnered with Canadian rock band Billy Talent and created a high-rez version its new album Afraid of Heights that was specifically remastered for Klipsch Reference R6 and R6i headphones.

Physical copies of the album—which debuts Friday (July 29) on vinyl, CD, and digital download—include a download code that provides access to a 24 bit/96kHz “mastered-for-headphones” edition of the album.

In case you haven’t heard of Billy Talent, the band is very much in the vein of Sum 41, another Canadian outfit you probably know if you’re into post punk/alternative.

The album was EQ’d to sound best on the headphones, according to Vlad Grodzinskiy, senior manager of headphone product development at Klipsch. “It makes the album sound like you are listening to an audiophile production through a pair of headphones five times the cost of the Klipsch R6i.”

Klipsch audio engineers worked with Grammy winning mixing engineer Chris Lord-Alge to create the remastered version of the album.

Watch the album being mastered: