Control4 Unveils Triad Landscape Speakers

Home automation company Control4 today introduced a line of all-weather landscape speakers, the first such product to be announced since it acquired Triad earlier this year.

The new Triad Garden Array line comprises the GA4 SAT satellite speaker ($300 each) and GA10 SUB subwoofer ($1,000), which are designed for permanent mounting in flower beds and other outdoor locations. The Garden Array is described as scalable for any outdoor space using additional satellite speakers and subwoofers.

The GA4 satellite speaker features a 4.5-inch broad-dispersion driver—said to provide 150 degrees of coverage—mounted in an enclosure shaped to resemble landscape lighting and designed to withstand all weather conditions as well as keep dust, bugs, and critters out. The enclosure is attached to a mounting post via an adjustable “knuckle.”

The speaker can be staked into the lawn or garden, mounted on walls or trees, or installed on decks or eaves, according to Control4. The GA4 SAT is compatible with 8 ohm, 70- or 100-volt systems and comes with 18-inch mounting posts, ground stakes, silicone wire nuts, and a 3/4-inch conduit for the wiring.

“Traditional outdoor speakers are often mounted on the eaves of the house to direct music into the yard, patio, deck or pool,” said Control4’s Paul Williams. “To fill the space with music you have to turn it up, making the music too loud for those near the speakers (and even for the neighbors). The Triad Garden Array speakers are designed to be spread throughout the yard and enjoyed without needing to crank them up.”

The GA10 subwoofer can be installed freestanding on a deck/patio or concealed underground using an optional foot kit ($40) or underground kit ($300). Only a small “mushroom port” is visible above ground when the sub is mounted beneath the soil. The sub’s down-firing 10-inch driver is powered by a dedicated 300-watt amplifier.

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