Component Video Through Thin Air

Wireless audio/video senders are nothing new, but until now such accessory devices were limited to the composite video outputs of your DVD player, cable box, VCR, or discretely positioned X10 camera. Belkin Corporation's new PureAV RemoteTV not only lets you send analog audio and video from composite or S-video sources wirelessly, Belkin claims it's the first to incorporate component-video connectivity.

Belkin's RemoteTV uses proprietary wireless technology to reduce interference and delivers up to 40Mbps of bandwidth through the 5GHz frequency range over distances of up to 350 ft or 106 meters (whichever is shorter). Actual distance, as with anything wireless, will depend on a variety of environmental factors (including how many subscriptions you have to Home Theater Magazine...) (Okay, more subscriptions probably won't extend your range, but it certainly couldn't hurt it.)

Belkin calls its proprietary wirelessness "Air5". It supports standard-definition TV using MPEG-2 technology. NTSC, PAL, and SECAM video formats are all supported, and viewing is secured from unauthorized receivers by 3DES content encryption. (So you won't have to worry about your neighbors picking up on those naughtier pay-per-view choices.)

The PureAV RemoteTV package contains one RemoteTV Transmitter, one RemoteTV Receiver, a Remote Control Extender (for easy control of the source component from the remote viewing location), and two RCA audio/video cables. Both Transmitter and Receiver contain an integrated antenna and take up very little desk/table space with their upright design. The package is expected to be available in October for $499.99 MSRP.