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And you thought your antenna days were behind you. With Terk's new HDTVo HDTV antenna, you can receive both UHF and VHF signals. You'll be able to catch all of your local HDTV broadcasts, thanks to the HDTVo's directional log-periodic antenna array with a pair of curved elements that capture and focus HDTV signals toward the array. According to Terk, this produces a high degree of interference rejection. Additionally, the high-gain, ultra-low-noise amplifier is designed to increase the strength of weak signals and optimize them for maximum reception. The $120 antenna is lightweight and sleek, so it's a breeze to mount on the roof.
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Speakers that complement your new flat-screen are available everywhere, so it's important to select a speaker that performs as beautifully as it looks. Artison's Sketch Tower speaker system includes the front three channels (left, right, and center) integrated in just two columns. The left and right tower speakers have a DualMono configuration in which the upper portion of each speaker houses two matched, dedicated speakers that reproduce the center channel. Each speaker measures 45 inches high by 6 wide by 3.06 deep and retails for $1,200/pair.
Artison Speakers
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