Coming Attractions

Sling Media Slingbox 500 Place-Shifter/Media Streamer
Sling Media, the brains behind the original place-shifting device, has upped the ante with the Slingbox 500. Download the SlingPlayer app ($14.99 with introductory offer) to your iOS, Android, or Windows device, and you can watch the same high-def cable or satellite programs and DVR recordings you enjoy at home on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop no matter where you are without incurring additional fees. The box includes a remote and has component video and HDMI connections (cables provided) for hookup to your cable/satellite box, DVR, and other components. Big Screen Beaming: The Wi-Fi-enabled box also lets you stream photos and videos from a smartphone or tablet to your TV, as long as the device is connected to your network. Price: $300 Sling Media • (650) 293-8000 •


Paradigm MilleniaOne CT Compact Home Theater System
Paradigm promises a minimalist, no-receiver-required approach to home theater sound that doesn’t sacrifice musicality and stereo separation with the MilleniaOne. The system’s preamp/control center decodes and remixes multichannel Dolby Digital signals for playback through a pair of cast-aluminum two-way speakers (with adjustable stands) and an extruded-aluminum subwoofer that can stand upright or lie flat under a couch while it rumbles down to 26 hertz. System power is 160 watts RMS, half of which goes to the subwoofer’s unique 14 x 3–inch driver. Loud and Clear: Limiting circuitry minimizes distortion when you’re watching Transformers or jamming to the Foo Fighters with the volume maxed out. When it’s time to get mellow, loudness compensation ensures balanced sound at low volumes. Price: $1,200 Paradigm • (905) 564-1994 •


Phase Technology Pendant Series Hanging Speaker
When there’s no place to put the speakers, hang ’em high. Designed for use in open-ceiling areas or outdoors, Phase Tech’s Pendant Series speaker uses broad-dispersion drivers housed in a glass-fiber-reinforced plastic enclosure with ceramic input terminals and a powder-coated aluminum grille. There are five models, four of which are available in black or white: 4.3-inch diameter with a 3-inch full-range driver ($120, white only), 7.5-inch diameter with a 4-inch coaxial driver ($184), 10-inch diameter with a 6.5-inch coax ($276), and two 12.8-inch-diameter models, each with an 8-inch coax ($376 and $490). Hanging and safety cables are included. Sound All Around: The top-of-the-line model uses a high-sensitivity compression horn driver for superior high-frequency dispersion in large spaces or outdoors. Phase Technology • (913) 663-9770 •


Samsung ES9000 3D LCD HDTV
Looking for a state-of-the-art 3D HDTV? The svelte ES9000 delivers larger-than-life images with the best LCD picture quality Samsung has to offer and brings the Internet into focus via dozens of streaming and app icons in the Smart Hub portal. Can’t find the remote? No sweat. Use your voice or Wii-like gestures to navigate the TV’s icon-packed screens. But before you start barking commands, smile and say “cheese” so the facial-recognition software can load your Skype address book and favorite apps. Bonus: Four pair of 3D glasses are included. Remote Not Required: Angry Birds is available for free download through Samsung’s Smart Hub. Best part: You use flailing arms (a.k.a. gesture control) to annihilate the Bad Piggies. Price: $10,000 Samsung • (800) 726-7864 •


AViiQ Portable Charging Station
Someday we won’t have to worry about recharging batteries, but for now we’re stuck plugging in our portable devices several times a week and keeping track of cables. AViiQ’s Portable Charging Station consolidates an AC/DC adapter and a four-port USB hub (three power only, one data plus power) with cable management and a retractable upload cable in a 10 x 5 x 1.5–inch nylon fabric travel bag. Don’t Leave Home Without It: The Station is perfect for weary travelers who can never seem to locate the right cables as they head out the door to the airport or find themselves in a hotel room with three devices to charge but only one or two outlets. Price: $60 AViiQ •


Sherbourn SR-8100 A/V Receiver
Yes, it’s a receiver, and yes, it’s one of the most compact and streamlined AVRs you’ll find. Svelte as it may be, Sherbourn managed to pack a 7 x 80–watt Class A/B amp section, four HDMI 1.4 inputs, and a USB port into the SR-8100 along with an efficient Class H power supply, automatic room correction, and Bluetooth audio capability for streaming content from Bluetooth-enabled smartphones and tablets. You select inputs by turning a dial, and your selection is confirmed in the cool blue vacuum-fluorescent display. Wonderful Warranty: The SR-8100 is covered by a 10-year warranty. When was the last time you came across a receiver warranty that generous? Price: $999 Sherbourn • (615) 791-4046 •


AudioXperts 4TV Model 5122 5.1 Surround Sound Console
Ready for a new take on the soundbar? The Model 5122 surround sound console squeezes three tweeters and 10 low-profile drivers into a smoked-glass and alumi- num enclosure that’s only 2 inches thick (including swivel base). The console provides Dolby Digital and DTS surround decoding, SRS TruVolume processing to eliminate annoying spikes in TV volume, and supports Airport Express Instant Connection, which simplifies streaming from iOS devices. You can control the console via the supplied learning remote or touch-sensitive buttons on the top of the unit. Bass is relegated to a wireless subwoofer with eight 4.5-inch woofers. Total system power is 500 watts RMS. Streaming in Style: CSR’s aptX technology makes possible CD-quality streaming from compatible Bluetooth devices. Price: $4,000 AudioXperts • (855) 469-9778 •


Yamaha Pro Series Headphones
You can thank Michael Phelps for making it cool to wear headphones while on the go. Yamaha’s Pro Series acknowledges this trend with three stylish models, featuring adjustable/foldable headbands and soft, smooth ear cushions: the lightweight Pro 300 on-ear headphone ($200 in black, white, or blue); the over-ear Pro 400, featuring larger, 2-inch drivers ($300 in black or white); and the Pro 500, an over-ear model with premium drivers and rigid aluminum-alloy ear cups ($400 in black or white). Accessories Included: All models come with a storage case, a 4-foot tangle-resistant cable with an in-line microphone/remote control and a mini-to-phone-plug adapter; the Pro 400 and Pro 500 also include a 10-foot cable. Yamaha • (714) 522-9105 •


ViewSonic Pro9000 Laser LED Projector
You won’t have to worry about changing the lamp in the Pro9000 because it doesn’t have one. The 1080p DLP projector combines lasers and LEDs to create a high-contrast light source rated for 20,000 hours of service, which works out to 13 years at 4 hours a day. Color accuracy is said to reach 85 percent of the NTSC color gamut, and since there is no color wheel, ghost images and the rainbow effect are said to be greatly minimized. Cool Cucumber: The projector reaches full brightness in a couple of seconds and turns off instantly, conserving power and eliminating the need for a cool-down period. Price: $4,477 ViewSonic • (800) 688-6688 •


Aperion Audio ARIS Wireless Speaker System
AirPlay this, AirPlay that…but what if you’re a Windows guy or gal? As Aperion puts it, ARIS gives you hi-fi via Wi-Fi for Windows. Use its built-in Play To feature to access music on any Windows device connected to your network and play it wherever you put the speaker. You can use most DLNA apps to navigate your music library or load the ARIS Music App on your iOS, Android, or Windows mobile device. Serious Sound: Lurking inside the 6.5 x 15 x 6.5–inch extruded-aluminum enclosure are two silk-dome tweeters, a pair of 4-inch woofers, a couple of passive radiators, and a 100-watt amplifier with plenty of headroom so you can play it loud—without distortion. Around back is a removable wireless card. Price: $499 Aperion Audio • (888) 880-8992 •