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The newest addition to Intrigue's line of Harmony remote controls is designed with your basic TiVo needs in mind. The Harmony SST-688 provides extra navigation buttons specifically for use with digital video recorders. Like the rest of its Harmony brethren, the SST-688 is PC- and Mac-compatible, and it features designated activity buttons like "Play DVD" and "Watch TV," which make the remote a breeze to operate. You configure the SST-688 online; simply answer a series of questions about your A/V equipment and then download the necessary programming into the remote via the included USB cable. The $225 remote control can operate all infrared devices, such as A/V components, gaming consoles, MP3 music servers, and lighting control.
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If $20,000 is your home theater allowance, our audio editor recommends that you spend at least $8,000 (40 percent) on your speaker system. It's a lucky break for you that ATC's newest speaker system, the Concept 3—which includes four loudspeakers, a center-channel speaker, and a sub—costs (you guessed it) $8,000. This new collection is built around ATC's SCM12 loudspeaker, which features a 12-liter enclosure made of rigid MDF. According to the company, the loudspeaker's high-frequency driver has a 0.98-inch soft dome and neodymium magnet for a smooth and detailed high-frequency response. Available in a cherry wood veneer, professional black, or a custom finish, this system will complement any home theater.
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