Comedian to Do Streaming-Only Show

Dave Chappelle intends to launch a new comedy show that won't appear on broadcast, cable, or satellite TV. If you want to see it, you'll have to stream it. The show would mark Chappelle's return to TV after his highly rated Comedy Central show crashed and burned.

From whom you'd be streaming was still up for grabs at presstime. Some observers said Netflix would be the obvious choice. But Hulu or some other streaming service could turn out to be the lucky winner.

Streaming services are increasingly looking to develop original content to satisfy their burgeoning subscriber base as well as to counter the impression that they are the entertainment industry's bottom feeders. Netflix recently paid $100 million for exclusive rights to David Fincher's House of Cards, a thriller starring Kevin Spacey.

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I've been a long time reader of your columns for Home Theater, but to say that Dave Chappelle's "Chappelle's Show" crashed and burned isn't exactly fair to the show, Comedy Central, or the comedian.

If we go back a few years to the shows final run, Dave decided himself to cancel the production. The show was WILDLY successful, and it marked a turning point for Comedy Central in terms of the type of edgy content they have been putting out the last few years.

Crashed and Burned really? Chappelle's Show DVD sales were excellent, and the "Lost Episodes" that finally were broadcast by Comedy Central were amazing and watched by many.

Crashed and Burned I think not. SHOW CANCELLED due to the comedians personal issues and thoughts about the industry, I think so.