CFL light bulbs mess with TVs in Britain

Green technology seems to be making home theaters a bit wonky in the United Kingdom. According to a recent article in the Daily Mail compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs are tripping HDTVs and cable boxes on and off.

The problems seem to be related to Virgin TV set-top boxes. Multiple customers have claimed to experience strange reactions between low-energy CFL bulbs and Virgin boxes. This interference occurs because fluorescent lights "flicker" very rapidly and emit infrared light. This flickering light can trigger the remote control sensors on home theater equipment. Philips, the makers of many of the CFL bulbs used in these interference cases, claims that the problem only shows up with older models of bulbs, and that newer CFLs don't have this issue.

Has anyone this side of the pond experienced this problem, or is it exclusive to British electronics? If your HDTV has been haunted by a CFL poltergeist, share your story below!

Will Greenwald

[Source and photo: Daily Mail]